Empowering creative women

At Zooppa, we are dedicated to providing a platform to support women who believe they can change the norm. Far more than just a statistic, the women of Zooppa deserve equal representation and job procurement within the creative industry. With Peggy, we seek to both increase the number of women within the community and provide them with equal opportunity.

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  • The norm

    The average of female creatives in the industry is a mere 18%.

Our manifesto

The future of creativity is female, so let’s start building it now.

Change starts small. It starts with each and every woman who has ever decided to stand up, to speak her truth, to defy expectations, and not to be afraid to ask for more. It is the sum of the millions of little actions by millions of incredible women, that when brought together, command the attention of the world.

Our outstanding women

There are incredible, outstanding women in the Zooppa community, and these are their stories.

Great projects we worked on

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Be Bold for Girls
Go Red for Women
SCA: AWE-inspiring Women

Get involved

Every person needs help – every organization needs an ally – and we could all use a supporting hand to hold our own.

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