Zooppa Member since October 2017

Zooppa Clients: Kikkoman, GreatCall, Linsday, Volo Vitamins, Kinder
Total Commission Earned with Zooppa: Over $10,000

Laura is a photographer who began exploring filmmaking a few years ago during the time when having the option to record HD via DSLR cameras became more standard. As a self learner, she never formally took any classes on filmmaking, but instead relied heavily on online video demos along with trial and error to learn the craft. After learning the basics, she quickly decided to give her first online video contest a try and pretty soon won a top prize! As time went on and her knowledge of camera operations, writing storylines, and understanding the roles of a production crew grew, she decided to join Zooppa and present her creativity on a broader scale.

“Creating videos from within the Zooppa Platform has taught me a wealth of industry terms and expectations when it comes to producing usable content for a major brand. For example, applying the proper use of audio in a production, and analyzing and creating content according to the specs outlined in a brief, all while doing so on a strict deadline, are all key elements that will only improve a filmmakers understanding of the industry standards and guidelines. Additionally, having the ability to create content that is judged alongside various types of contributors and skill levels only encourages me to work harder and more effectively while producing my submissions.”

Because Laura loves what she does, she wants to continue to share her passion for filmmaking with others on a larger scale. She chooses to identify as “a filmmaker that just happens to be female” and hopes that in the future female filmmakers will not have to prove themselves so much in order to be taken seriously.