Zooppa Member since February 2016

Zooppa Clients: Enterprise, Spin Master, NBPA, Zespri, Behr, Shark, Dolly
Total Commission Earned with Zooppa: Over $30,000

Laurel has been creating video content since she was thirteen years old. What started out as making goofy lip-synch videos with her friends grew into a lifelong passion. She earned a B.A. in Film Production from Northwestern University and has been a full-time filmmaker since graduating in 2015.

As a young woman in the film industry, she knows that the statistical odds are against her. However, for the most part, she has been able to surround herself with creative collaborators who bring out the best in her and support some of her most wild ideas (wild idea snapshots include: filming an underwater music video in a pool for 12 hours straight without any snorkeling gear, hitching rides on four wheelers (with camera gear) out of a remote canyon at sunrise, and building a 1,000 sq. ft. world of yarn and fabric in a warehouse). “I love how filmmaking constantly challenges me, not just technically, but also personally. When I’m kept on my toes and remain present… that’s the space where magic happens.”

Laurel credits Zooppa as being very beneficial to her journey as a filmmaker. “Not only am I connected to incredible brands and projects, but I’m entrusted with immense creative freedom. The opportunity to channel my point-of-view and bring together my favorite collaborators (most of whom are also women!) is quite rad.”

In the future, she hopes to continue building relationships with clients and creating content that is as much about the production process as it is the end product.